@prattprattpratt: There’s nothing to fear but fear itself. Oh also  bats.

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Remember when James said “My Seamus”

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Tattoo idea

Hey fellow critters, I have an idea for a tattoo but I need help in getting a design. As I’m not a talented artist, I’m asking if anyone is interested in designing a tattoo for me.

So for those who are talented in drawing and are interested drop me a message and I’ll provide you with details on what I want my tattoo to consist of :)

If I get a few requests, I’ll be picking out the one I like the most once the designs have been done :)

Much appreciated :)

You wanna hug it out?




Normal girls: We are never ever ever, getting back together

Me: I, am never ever ever, gonna meet, the creatures.

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"You had FOUR kills?!”